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1 Dec 2011

Oh my goodness! Can you believe Christmas is less than two months away?! I was always so in awe of my mom who would make sure all of her Christmas shopping was done long before December began. I always enter the Christmas season swearingI will start and finish before Thanksgiving (Canadian too, so that’s by mid-October)next year, and never do.
I arrive here this year with more people than ever to think about when it comes to gift giving. I do not desire to blow each and every person away with my creativity and thoughtfulness, merely let people know they were thought of.
The wet, cold, dreary season is here where I am, and what better way to spend a weekend than by making and painting up some plaster Christmas tree decorations. Yes, you can buy already formed decorations and paint them. Cost wise, if you spend your money on some good, reusable shape molds (simple like stars and candy canes or more elaborate such as a stocking hanging on a fireplace) and some plaster of paris, you will be able to make hundreds for a fraction of the cost of the store bought ornaments.
Christmas tends to be the time of year I think of these beautiful ornaments, by why can we not use them year round? Of courseI am referring to other shapes and objects, not the stars and trees we use during December. I can seemaking a mold and ornamentof the first letter of someone’s name, then attaching it to the top of agift either in addition to or replacement of a card or tag.A thoughtful and personal add on to gifts for all ages!

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