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    Exploring Komodo National Park

    ts 3 in the morning right now and Im smiling. With the tan on my skin, Im proudly announce that I just back from Komodo National Park I wrote about Komodo National Park once, in a complete article for entering Bubu Awards 2009. And I won! I never been to Komodo National Park before. I wrote the blog post through research on the internet . I never imagine that a year later, I get to experience Komodo National Park myself! Of course I had a plan to go there. First of all, you must know where Komodo National Park is located in Indonesia Map Thats basic. So, heres Indonesia Map, and Komodo is located in eastern part of Indonesia, around Timor & Flores. Map from tourism-and-travel-at.blogspot.com To go there from Jakarta, we must first go to Denpasar, Bali, and then jumping to nex


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